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Corvette C6 Z06 Interior Carbon Skinning

January 10th 2022

Nothing helps enhance the look of any car interior than carbon fiber, and our friend with a C6 Z06 was not holding back!

Exotic Car Gear was approached by a close companion and friend with his Corvette C6 Z06 looking for his entire interior to be transformed with 3k twill Carbon Fiber. The first step was to completely strip the interior of the Z06 so we could send the parts off to be skinned in carbon. The photos below show the Z06 interior fully stripped of all the parts and trim that he wanted skinned in 2×2 3k twill weave Carbon Fiber.

Some of the trim and panels we skinned in carbon are:

  • Driver/passenger window and door switch trim
  • Passenger side inner door handle
  • Entire center console and screen surround
  • Dash housing/surround panel
  • Steering wheel control trim
  • Passenger side AC surround

Below are some photos of the result of our skinning process performed on all the parts and trim pieces.

Install Photos

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