In addition to the standard carbon fiber weave patterns, we can offer a selection of custom Kevlar and mixed materials to create an even higher level of custom steering wheels and accents

Carbon Fiber top trim in your choice of 3k plain or twill weave carbon fiber or a carbon Kevlar combination. Hand laid and finished in high gloss resin.

Wheel top center reference line, the "12 o'clock" mark. Is a great personal touch to tie in the body color of your car, a marquis reference such as the 3 colors of the BMW "M". Or the colors of the Italian flag or any other choices...Our staff will be glad to guide you.

To create a more aggressive styling we offer the option of a "flat bottom" wheel style.

Our craftsman can add an aggressive pistol grip element to the right and left side" 3" and "9" wheel positions.

We offer hand stitched smooth or perforated leather coverings for the wheel grip areas.

Contrasting hand stitching is another added element. Perfectly laced on the inner seams in either a solid color or a mix of contrasting colors.

In addition to the common elements noted above. We can create other elements to offset your custom Carbon steering wheel. Our craftsmen can layer carbon on the face surface of the center housing similar to the Ferrari F430. Or Finish the rear housing cover in matching carbon fiber.

Exotic Car Gear has the available craftsmen  to transform your ordinary steering wheel to and aggressive and stylish work of art. The steering wheel is something touch everyday. Why not make it into something that shows your style. We offer some of the most cost effective conversions on the market. There is no added surcharge for reference marks, stitching color, Pistol grips or leather versions that others see as an “all-a-cart” expense.

Contact us directly and our staff will work one on one with you through the production process to insure all of your requirements are met to create the perfect wheel !

One of the best forms of personalization is a custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel. Accentuating the feel, excitement and beauty of Carbon Fiber every time you grasp it. With our Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel modification services we transform your standard wheel into a visceral work of art. Our craftsmen will modify your original steering wheel to include elements such as a “flat bottom”, Pistol hand grips, Center reference line, perforated or smooth leather, contrasting stitching and more. Accenting hand laid and polished layers of the highest quality carbon fiber. Let our staff work with you one on one for your own personalized one off steering wheel.