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Exotic Car Gear’s Aston Martin Vantage 6K Carbon Project

January 10th 2022

After Completing our Porsche 996 Forged Carbon Widebody, for our next project we were looking for something with a few more cylinders and a bit more noise.

Exotic Car Gear decided on a 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage for the next Carbon project car. The theme for our Aston will be a 6k twill weave finished in Matte with a V pattern. However, just like with our Porsche 996, Carbon will not be the only thing we will be doing to this car. We will be working closely with other big name companies and companions such as Fitment Industries and Velocity AP to help make our Aston Martin Project become a reality. Our Aston Martin 6K Carbon Project as already begun, but is far from completion. This article will be consistently updated as we progress through this build, so stay tuned for updates!

Photos of the Aston Martin the day we picked her up

Some of the more notable things we will be doing to this car are listed below:

  • Carbon/leather interior dress up
  • Carbon hood, front lip, rear diffuser, rear spoiler and more
  • BC Racing Coilovers
  • Wheels (brand not decided)
  • Toyo Tires
  • Velocity AP Catless Test Pipes
  • Velocity AP Tune

The first step to the Aston project is to completely strip the interior down. We will be refinishing and restoring the interior with updated leather and Matte 6k Carbon with the V pattern. We will also be installing sportier seats, English stitched headliner and a custom carbon fiber steering wheel. Below are some photos of the Astons interior fully stripped of all the parts that will soon be carbon.

BC Racing Coilovers

January 11th 2022

The second step we took towards completing our Aston project was installing BC Racing BR Series Coilovers. We approached our friend Alex over at Fitment Industries for some assistance with our build. He was kind enough to point us in the direction we wanted to go in choosing the right coilovers for our Aston, and we have also been working with Alex to find the perfect set of wheels for the Aston. We ended up going with the Aston BC Racing BR Series Coils, for maximum low and adjustability, and though we have yet to put the car on the group and take it for a drive to get a feel for them, we are more than happy with how they look on the car.

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