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Mansory Lamborghini Urus

June 30th, 2022

A Vision

This Project began 3 months ago, when we were approached by a returning customer who had recently picked up this 2020 Lamborghini Urus, and based on some of his previous cars he had built to extreme levels, we had a feeling he wasn’t just going to want some carbon mirror caps and a steering wheel. His vision was to completely transform his luxury SUV, and take it to the next level. He gave us some of his ideas on what he had in mind for the car, and we were beyond excited to begin this project, and we got right into it.

Prep Work

Right off the bat we knew what we could do to really transform the look of this car and have it stand out among any other Lamborghini Urus, A full carbon fiber widebody style kit. We began researching and going over some of the carbon fiber kits we had to offer until our customer found one that suited him best, A full Mansory style carbon fiber body kit, which included A full carbon hood, A full carbon front bumper, rear bumper, diffuser, side skirts, 2 rear spoilers, front fenders, mirrors, and even an axle back exhaust. This kit is no joke, and this is just what our customer wanted. After we put the order in and it arrived 2 months later, we got to work.

Tear Down and Test Fitting

After we had completely stripped the car of every part that was to be replaced, we began by test fitting the panels to make sure that they fit, and everything did fit with only minor modifications needed for some panels. Once we had all the panels fitted for the most part we sent the car off to LIP Collision to have the panels painted. Our customer also wanted different wheels put on the Urus to better suit its new look and have a better fitment with the new fender flares which extend the width of the car about 4 inches on each side. He went with the brand RDBLA, and chose these huge and super intricate wheels that we think look amazing on the car. We were also able to remove the Lamborghini center caps from the stock wheels and put them on the new ones.

The Final Product

We knew this car was going to look incredible when it was completed, but we were still blown away at how aggressive and complex this body kit really is. The wheels really tie it all together too, basically the icing on the cake for this build. It was fun watching this thing come together piece by piece, but this car was no walk in the park. The Exotic Car Gear team put in hundreds of man hours putting this thing together, and getting it done in just over 2 weeks! There isn’t a boring angle on this car, as you can see by the photos, there is something going on everywhere you look, even spilling into the interior a little with the door sill trims. What do you think is the craziest thing on this car? We would love to see what your thought are on this build! Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more crazy builds in the future, this certainly will not be our last, we are just getting started.

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