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Mercedes AMG GT


Where do we even start with this one. Well, it began during the summer of 2021 when we were approached by the owner of this stunning Mercedes AMG GT with a GTR body kit. At the time, neither of us knew how crazy this project was going to turn into. The customer originally intended on just getting the carbon on the AMG’s front bumper repaired, but that was until we told him what we could do. The build started off with a few moderate cosmetics, which eventually turned into one of our most impressive projects to date. Both the Exotic Car Gear team and our customer are more than pleased by how it turned out.

Rear Spoiler

The project began back in June of 2021, he came to us looking to get the carbon fiber on the lower portion of the AMG’s front bumper repaired. It was only until we told him what we were capable of here at Exotic Car Gear that things started to go beyond just a repair. He commissioned up to create a custom carbon fiber rear spoiler for his AMG. He wanted a larger and more aggressive spoiler than the factory one that was present, and finished in carbon of course.

The wing on the left was commissioned by us and the one on the right was the factory wing.

Custom One Off Hood Scoop

thrilled by how it turned out that we wanted to do more. However, the next thing he had for us was a bit different then what we were used to, but we are always up for a challenge. He asked if we could create a custom one-off roof scoop for his AMG. He did not want the hood scoop finished in carbon, and we wanted it to look as if it came with the car from factory, and we did just that.

Gold Interior

At this point things start to get crazy. Our customer then told us he wanted to completely transform the interior of the AMG. He wanted to absolutely deck out the interior with gold carbon and gold plated trim. He also wanted to deck out the exterior with gold trim and accents but we will get to that soon. So we began with the Gold carbon. he wanted the steering wheel to be completely transformed with both gold carbon and gold trim. he also wanted the dash, center console, inner door cards, seat trim and the strut bar behind the seats to be finished with both gold carbon and trim.

The Steering Wheel

To start off, we completely transformed the steering wheel. For carbon, we did a gold carbon along the the top, bottom and around the horn and buttons. We gold plated the bottom trim and the center horn emblem. lastly, we did gold AMG text at the bottom and a gold 12 0 clock reference line at the top, and to tie it all up we did a flat bottom conversion and custom pistol grips.

The Interior

The rest of the interior is just as impressive as the steering wheel. We did carbon everywhere, with gold trim to accent it. the center console inner trim is finished in gold carbon with all the buttons on the dash gold plated or with gold plate accents. We also did carbon around the AC vents with gold trim to compliment it. A thin, long strip of carbon on the lower inner door card, with carbon around the inner door handles, finished with the door handle in gold and gold around the buttons. Additionally, we gold plated the AMG Badge on the seats and finished the trim piece under the head rest on the seats in gold carbon fiber. Finally, we finished the rear strut bar behind the seats in gold carbon fiber.

The Exterior

For the exterior, the gold theme continues. We created a custom design for a stripe that stretches from the hood of the car to the trunk. We also finished the enormous Mercedes badge on the front grill of the GTR style front bumper. Additionally, we finished the AMG badges in gold on the front, side and rear of the car, and also the Rentech badges as well. to add to that, in the engine bay we finished the AMG badges and the engine cover in gold. Lastly, to tie up the gold theme, we had a gold pin stripe painted around the rims.


That pretty much wraps up the Mercedes AMG GT project. Both the customer and the Exotic Car Gear team are ecstatic at how it turned out. however, It is sad to say this project is done and the car is gone, but who knows, maybe we will see this car again in the future, and take this build to a whole other level.

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