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Our Money clips are the perfect tool to carry cash and credit cards. Our well Designed and
exclusively crafted range of money clips are perfect for every auto owner.

All our images are under the clear coat so it will not chip or peel !

All money clips sold by Exotic Car Gear are exquisitely designed to suit your
taste of quality and craftsmanship.

Unlike ordinary money clips, our range of carbon fiber money clips are One Of A Kind creations.

Being made from carbon fiber, the money clips are easy to handle, weighing just 6 grams,
and are extremely durable to keep your money and credit cards safe.

Our range of Lamborghini money clips, Ferrari money clips, Porsche money clips and many more can hold up to 30 standard bills or 8 credit cards or both.

Our Carbon fiber provides a premium look and at the same time blocking any scanners from reading card data and preventing unauthorized use and will not set off any metal detectors at security checks. This means you get to keep your money and cards safely in your pocket. All the custom images of the brand logos are immaculately suspended in a high quality UV
resistant Clear coat to ensure a high gloss finish or matte finish.

Images will not chip or peel

We also provide high quality custom carbon fiber money clips for all types of businesses.

We never charge a setup or Art Fee

Contact us with any and all questions.