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Custom Carbon Fiber Car Parts for Your Premium Vehicles

Carbon fiber is a novel discovery that is taking the place of other materials in many industrial applications. Exotic Car Gear is a manufacturer of high quality custom carbon fiber car parts that come with the standard features of durability, strength, longevity and appearence. We make carbon fiber under our highly innovative techniques, to offer our clients the best and most efficient car parts and performance parts on the market.

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The strength of this material is well known across industries as being stronger than steel but 1/10th the weight and having molding characteristics that make it easy to be casted into different shapes and sizes, carbon fiber can be custom twisted and braided to manufacture parts of the best car models in the world.
Be it the Door Steps or the Gear Shift Knob of a Ferrari 348 or the Front Hood of Lamborghini Gallardo, we provide your vehicle a superior quality part that it deserves. Our performance parts may cost you a little more than the ordinary OEM parts, but you will be compensated this extra cost by offering a reduction in weight and its increased efficiency.

Our craftsmen have extensive experience in manufacturing custom carbon fiber components, with over 30 years in the composite industry.

Your Performance / Exotic Car wouldn’t be well served with ordinary car parts, so getting in touch with Exotic Car Gear to show your love and care for your baby.

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