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Ferrari 360 Mirror and Hazard Switch Panel


Exotic Car Gear’s Carbon Fiber Ferrari 360 Mirror and Hazard Switch Panel

Fits the Ferrari 360.

OEM Fitment with OEM or Better Quality!

CORE NOTICE: This item requires a core part to be produced. Please fill out which core option you would like to go with below. Purchase price of $299.99 is the final price when the customer returns their core piece. If you do not choose to return your piece than the price will be $499.99. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Produced in the exact matching factory 1 x 1 (3k Twill Weave) Pre Impregnated Toray Dry Carbon Fiber under the same processes Ferrari uses for its original parts. This item is constructed as a replacement part and is designed to install in the factory location with no need for modification. All parts are produced using a high quality UV protectant clear coat.

We produce all of our items in the matching factory patterns. All components can be special ordered in various patterns of 1 x 1 (3k Plain Weave), 2 x 2 (3k Twill Weave), 6k, and 12k Carbon Fiber with options for Matte or Gloss finishes. Forged Carbon Fiber is also available for production. Custom Carbon/Kevlar color combinations are also available. Please click the contact tab with any questions or special requests.

Core Exchange Deposit *

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